VR1 “Wirehound®”

  • Search head with ground-penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Detection of cables and wires regardless of their orientation
  • High sensitivity to detect wires with a length of 10 cm or more
  • Integrated OLED display for simplified operation
  • Selection of various languages
  • Easily noticeable alarm indication (audio/visual/vibration)
The Cable Detector VR1 "Wirehound®" uses ground-penetrating radar and has been developed specifically for finding explosive devices and their components. These include the wires and cables typically used to activate IEDs.
Possible applications of this high-sensitivity ground-penetrating radar (GPR) also include locating classic GRP targets such as bodies out of plastic, wood and metal.
The VR1's ergonomic mechanical design enables assignments lasting several hours.

Suitable for following searches ...

IED* : Suitable for detecting the typical components of improvised explosive devices (e. g. wires and cables).
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