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Product Testing

Blast Testing

One of the aspects that sets RK & Sons is the fact that we have an active and intensive Blast Testing Program, which gives us significant insight as to how our products are performing and more importantly how to make them better. In order to get the most out of each blast exposure test, we utilize our own instrumented custom-built blast testing mannequin. This dummy is a biofidelic head and chest assembly designed as per the “NHTSA THOR ALPHA” advanced test dummy. Both the head and chest are fitted with tri-axial accelerometers and pressure sensors. It is with the data recorded, during the blast, inside the suit that we learned how to optimize performance for maximum survivability.

Fragmentation Testing

A critical aspect of any blast protective apparel is its fragmentation protection level. This is measured by using the STANAG 17grain fragment and the V50 test methodology. We have our own testing facility with which we test every single component in the protective array. It also gives us the opportunity to advance our technology with better performance, weight and flexibility.

We test according to the following Standards

  • STANAG 2920
  • MIL STD 662F
  • IMAS 10.30
  • NIJ 117
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