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Years of industry expertise

Since being founded on 21st June 1993, the company has been a pioneer in the industry for being a regular supplier of high-end technology systems and solutions in prime areas of defense and security on a global scale. Over the years we have established ourselves as a brand in the Indian defense industry by being the top supplier of this equipment in terms of the number of units sold and positive client feedback.

The strength of the company lies in the ability to procure the best possible solution for the various problems being encountered by the Indian armed and Police forces and deliver it in record time to help combat them. This is possible as a result of our excellent associations with our respected technology partners who themselves are well-established OEMs in their respective fields.

To be concise, the company is engaged in the undermentioned activities:-

  • Manufacture and Supply of high end defense solutions
  • Provision of after sales service and back up support
  • Post warranty period maintenance - on site and factory
  • Provision of detailed product training upon delivery

The company deals in a broad category of defense solutions such as:

  • Combat Engineering: demolition sets, mine detection suits and other PPE, minefield clearance, and engineering equipment.
  • Counter Improvised Explosive Device Handling, Detection and Disposal equipment
  • Surveillance devices - Radars, battlefield surveillance equipment, UAVs
  • Nuclear, biological, and chemical protection-related equipment.

A detailed list of the aforementioned products can be found here. All of these advanced systems are available for induction and incorporation which are assured to be delivered by us in the shortest possible delivery time at any location in Pan India. Dedicating our prompt and reliable services always as a salutation to your noble profession and as a mark of respect to the guardians of our frontiers.

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Using our rich industry experience and informative customer feedbacks, we have created a system to counter and cater for all defense related problems. As a regular, reliable and respected company of the industry, RK & Sons prides itself to deliver only the latest, most sophisticated and efficient products available in the market.

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