VMR3G “Minehound”

  • Dual-sensor search head with metal detector (MD) and ground-penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Integrated graphic display for simplified operation
  • Rugged mechanical design with high-quality carbon telescoping carrying bar
  • High sensitivity for high-efficiency soil compensation
  • Detection of metal and metal-free objects such as improvised explosive devices (IEDs)
  • Easily noticeable alarm indication (audio/visual/vibration) for MD and GPR on color graphic display
  • Device settings available in numerous languages
The VMR3G "Minehound" dual-sensor detector is internationally proven. It is ideal for the simultaneous detection of metal and metal-free objects. This is a decisive advantage e.g. for the detection of IEDs.
The integrated color graphic display enables user-friendly operation and shortens the time for initial training as well as the familiarization after a longer period of inactivity.
The display provides an overview of all parameters and signals of the metal detector (MD) and ground-penetrating radar (GPR). The visualization of the ground-penetrating radar alarm offers easy-to-read depth information on the detected object. In addition, the device settings are available in numerous languages.
The VMR3G is also characterized by its mechanical features: The use of carbon and glass fiber-reinforced plastic makes it extremely rugged and durable.
It meets high standards for military mine clearance and humanitarian demining.

Suitable for following searches ...

Mines : Suited for mine detection. Thanks to maximum sensitivity, also reacts to mines with low or no metal content.
UXO* : Ideal for shallow searching for all types of metal (e. g. unexploded ordnances, submunitions, etc.).
IED* : Thanks to a ground-penetrating radar, it is ideal for efficiently searching for objects with low or no metal content.
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