VMR3 “Minehound”

  • Dual-sensor search head with metal detector (MD) and ground-penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Rugged mechanical design with high-quality carbon telescoping carrying bar
  • High sensitivity for high-efficiency soil compensation
  • Detection of minimum metal and metal-free objects such as improvised explosive devices (IEDs)
  • Easily noticeable alarm indication (audio/visual/vibration)
The VMR3 "Minehound" dual-sensor detector is internationally proven. It is ideal for the simultaneous detection of metal and metal-free objects. This is a decisive advantage e.g. for the detection of IEDs.
Two different audio signals help the user distinguish between the ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and metal detector (MD). The MD provides a simple alarm while the GPR supplies acoustic information on the depth and dimension of the object. Based on the settings, the audio signals are visually supported by the LED display.
The VMR3 is also characterized by its mechanical features: The use of carbon and glass fiber-reinforced plastic makes it extremely rugged and durable.
It meets high standards for military mine clearance and humanitarian demining.

Suitable for following searches ...

Mines : Suited for mine detection. Thanks to maximum sensitivity, also reacts to mines with low or no metal content.
UXO* : Ideal for shallow searching for all types of metal (e. g. unexploded ordnances, submunitions, etc.).
IED* : Thanks to a ground-penetrating radar, it is ideal for efficiently searching for objects with low or no metal content.
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