X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems

ADANI by product line was specially designed to meet the modern requirements of security providing innovative and effective screening solutions.

Dual-energy X-ray inspection allows operators to detect weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), drugs, fuses, and dangerous objects represent a safety hazard. Parcel, baggage, and small cargo inspection systems comprise a wide range of tunnel sizes, conveyor heights, and load capacities incorporating in practically any security screening infrastructure. The full mutual integration of Adani products create the most comprehensive inspection checkpoints.

Adani Key Features
Automatic identification of suspicious objects and optically dense objects highlighting Unique software algorithms enable automatic highlighting of such objects as weapons, explosives, narcotics as well as opaque areas where a dangerous objects may be concealed. These function dramatically improve detection efficiency.
Quick start-up and shutdown The system is ready for operation within 30 seconds. It is also possible to shut down it instantly.
Multilanguage interface English, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Chinese, and any other language on request.
Real-time self-diagnostics The state of all important components is controlled non-stop allowing the system to be kept operational.
The fault-tolerant workstation A special Operator's Workstation software is resistant to viruses and other harmful interference. The immediate system shutdown secures the equipment and data.
3 color imaging / Optional 7 color imaging Operators can switch between typical 3 color imaging (organics/inorganics/metals) and innovative 7 color imaging providing more precise material discrimination. A new color palette makes the operator's perception remain not "overloaded” when working during a period of time improving the inspection performance.
Material Type Atomic No 3 Colors 7 Colors Example Possible Threat
Light Organics 6- Orange Red Polythene Light hydrocarbons Natural Gas
Organics 6-8 Orange Orange Timber, oil, alcohol, water Explosive, pure drugs, diamonds
Light Organics 8-10 Orange yellow Paper, teflon Drugs
Inorganics 10-12 Green Chartreuse Glass Gems
Nonmetals and Light Metlas 12-18 Green Green Aluminium, silicon Gunpowder, detonators
Heavy Metals 18-30 Blue Blue Iron, steel, copper, brass, nickel, titanium Weapons, ammunation, knives
Dense Metals 30+ Blue Violet Zirconium, tin, bronze Precious Metals
Imprenetable - Black Black Led, bismuth Hidden threats
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