HFS Cooling Suit

The kit includes a one-piece suit design with cooling on the trunk, arms, and legs; a close-fitting open-faced hood with cooling for the head, a cooling unit and pouch, two water bottles, a battery pack, and a carrying bag. Gives the wearer extended work time with the ability to control excess energy loss due to heat exhaustion.

Worn underneath EOD suit configuration – works with HFS Series II EOD Suit and HFS Series III EOD Suit
[link to /eod-suits]


  • Heat removal rate: 270 watts (full suit)
  • Endurance: 45 minutes at 35 degrees
  • Cooling unit:
  • Control: on/off
  • Pump: 12V
  • Cold source: ice cubes and water
  • Power: external pack


  • Kermel® (heat and flash fire resistant)
  • Integrated medical grade silicone tubing


  • 2.7 kg with pump assembly


  • Navy Blue


  • Small – 150-175 cm; 40-75 kg
  • Medium: 170-185 cm; 70-90 kg
  • Large: 175-193 cm; 85-110 kg
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