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Process Free X-Ray Films


PF Films are self-developing X-Ray Films that have been specifically designed to meet the present demand for security and industrial X-Ray imaging applications:
• Self-developing, which means there is no need for processor equipment
• Safe to use in the light, hence no more fumbling around in the dark
• Shoot and see! No additional equipment is required
• The user can observe the results with the film "in place"
• No more under-exposures or over-exposures
• Custom size, easily cut and shaped as required
• Robust, water resistant and scratch resistant


For faster, more straightforward, more convenient and more cost-effective X-Ray imaging. This is particularly effective for field applications and remote environments:
• Security application
• Suspicious packages
• Non-destructive testing
• Electronic circuit
• Welding


• Standalone image tool
• No screen required
• No cassette required
• Self-developing in real time
• Resolution above 10 microns
• Robust – water resistant and scratch resistant
• Can be used in daylight in temperatures ranging from -5°C to 60°C (40°F to 140°F)
• Stable in real world environment with a shelf life exceeding one year
• Roll or sheet films can be easily cut to custom shapes
• No wasted films – you can watch in for the optimum image to appear in real time


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