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EOD Training Suit Series III

The SERIES III TRAINING SUIT is a concept that has any potential customer or organizations budget in mind. It is quite simply an economic solution for all-important EOD/IEDD Training. This has been achieved by substituting the expensive but highly effective blast protection and mitigation materials, along with outer shell normally fabricated out of the high flame/fire/heat resistant inherent properties of Nomex® for more affordable but notably extra hard wearing materials. The Series III Training Suit looks feels and functions in exactly the same manner as its fully capable namesake the SERIES III EOD Suit.

Suit comprises of:
Smock (jacket)
Integrated Groin Protector
Hand protectors and overshoes
External composite blast plates

Outer cover – Cordura®
Inner material – Polyester of same weight and texture as Kevlar®
Blast plates- Composites

V50 Ratings
Suit front – Not applicable
Suit rear – Not applicable
Suit with Blast plates – Not applicable

Complete suit with blast plates – 26kg

UN Blue, Navy Blue, Black, Fawn or as per customer specification.


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