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EOD Suit Series IV

The HFS SERIES IV Suit is the very latest in EOD Suit technology. Combining best in protective material development with the benefit of all the experience gained from previous developments. The SERIES IV has some innovative design features that all EOD operators will appreciate.

Suit comprises of:
Groin protector
Smock (jacket)
Hand and feet protectors
External blast plates

Outer cover - Nomex ( fire resistant)
Inner material – Aramid
Composite material hard armour ematrix

V50 Ratings
Suit front – V50 600 + m/s
Suit rear – V50 450m/s
Suit with Blast plates – V0 +1800m/s

Complete suit with blast plates – 26kg

Navy Blue, Olive Drab and Black

Special Features
Remove and Replace Blast Plate System®
Emergency Outer Cutaway System®


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