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X-ray Imaging System XplusSecurity 4336

Special image enhancement and archiving system with flatpanel for police and military operations. Comfortable with One-Touch-Step function: start the scan, store the image, measurement functions. The systems can be used with and without robot vehicle. The software is ased on pictograms and thus multilingual. The systems stand out for their intuitive operation; here is no need for extensive training.

- Panel size 43 x 36 cm
- ROVs integrated/adapted
- The systems can be used with and without robot vehicle
- Ready to use, within a few minutes
- X-ray image displayed on laptop PC / robot monitor* (*addon)
- Operation with battery pack or power supply of ROV
- Standardized holder principle (for mobile and highly mobile Systems)
- Dual mission capability (e.g. use of disruptor after X-ray)
- Remote control via cable or WiFi
- System specifications are based on ROV specs (e.g. Mil-Std 810)
- Image stitching concept [e.g. 4in1]
- No mobility kill of robot vehicle (when using XplusSecurity)


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